Performance Data

Performance monitoring is a very important part of the ChibiOS/RT development process, included in each release there are test reports regarding functionality, performance, size and code coverage. Benchmarking of ChibiOS/RT is explicitly allowed, please feel free to test, benchmark and measure it in any way you like.

Synthetic Benchmarks

The following results have been taken from the test reports of the version 2.4.0 stable.

Platform-Frequency-Compiler Context Switch Kernel Size (bytes)
ARM7(ARM)/LPC2148-48-GCC4.6.2 2.03µS 9224
ARM7(THUMB)/LPC2148-48-GCC4.6.2 2.43µS 6052
ARMCM0/LPC1114-48-GCC4.6.2 2.60µS 5500
ARMCM0/LPC1343-72-GCC4.6.2 1.02µS 6172
ARMCM3/STM32F1xx-72-GCC4.6.2 1.03µS 6172
ARMCM3/STM32F4xx-168-GCC4.6.2 0.40µS 6172
MSP430F1611-8-GCC3.2.3 16.93µS 6108
AVR/ATMega128-16-GCC4.3.0 11.24µS N/A ~7500
STM8L152-16-Cosmic N/A N/A ~6500
STM8L152-16-Raisonance 9.03µS N/A ~7000
STM8S105-16-Cosmic N/A N/A ~6500
STM8S105-16-Raisonance 9.03µS N/A ~7000
PA/SPC563M64-80-GCC4.4.1 1.11µS 11944

Note, the reported values are for the kernel compiled for maximum speed and with all the non-debug subsystems enabled. The reported sizes include only the kernel and the port layers, the optional HAL and device drivers are not included.

Independent Benchmarks

  • RTOS comparison on, this article includes independent benchmarks on ChibiOS/RT performed using a well known methodology. Note that the tested ChibiOS/RT version is not recent, more recent releases improved the performance significantly.

Latest Test Reports

Latest test reports, the following data is also included in each ChibiOS/RT distribution under the directory ./docs/reports as text files. Note that the test reports also contain the results of many kernel related benchmarks.

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