ChibiOS download page, there are several download options available.

Download from SourceForge

The RTOS can be dowloaded using the standard SourceForge download page. Note that the software is offered in “stable” or “unstable” versions. The difference is in the license and type of maintenance.

  • Stable versions are supported for bug fixing only, the API is stable within the stable versions sharing the first two numbers, for example 2.0.x. Stable version are characterized by an even number in second position.
  • Unstable version are only meant for evaluation of the latest development efforts, the API can change, some parts may be not complete or non functional at all. Unstable version are characterized by an odd number in second position.

Subversion Repository

Subversion repository on OSDN:

From the repository you can get both stable and unstable versions from ./tags, the latest code from ./trunk and also monitor the side projects under ./branches. Read only access is granted to everybody.

Git Repository

Git repository on github:

This repository is updated from the main SVN repository every 10 minutes, it has the same organization of the SVN repository.

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