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ChibiOS/RT contributors, donors and sponsors. This is a small credits page for all the people who contributed to the project.

Copyright Note

Before contributing code to this project please read our policy about Copyright Assignment.


  • Badger, donated a STM32F407 device that accelerated development of RTC and SDC drivers.
  • Ian Garcia, donated an ST STM3210E-EVAL board.
  • Matthias Blaicher, donated an Olimex STM32-F407 board.
  • Nuvoton, donated a Nu-LB-NUC140 board.

Please also see the list of persons who donated via PayPal here.


I wish to thank all the people that directly or indirectly contributed to the project:

  • Adamo Reggiani, working on the Fujitsu port.
  • Alexander Kozaruk, AT91SAM7S256 demo and description files for the Olimex SAM7-P256 board.
  • Ayman El-Khashab, makefile improvements.
  • Balázs Póka, STM32 related contributions, excellent bug fixing.
  • Brian Weaver, STM8 port, STM8 and STM32 testing and improvements.
  • Egon Carusi, STM32 port improvements, testing and bug fixes.
  • Enrico Cavazza, working on the Fujitsu port and a GUI subsystem.
  • Eric Weddington, because his work on WinAVR and helping me sorting out issues with the ChibiOS/RT license.
  • Fabio Utzig, improvements to chprintf(), STM32 ICU driver and others.
  • Florian Goebe, AT91SAM7x EXT driver implementation.
  • Isidoro Orabona, co-developer of the ChibiOS/RT grandfather back in 1988.
  • Jacek, Ride7 demo for STM32 Primer.
  • Johnny Halfmoon, contributed board files.
  • Leon Woestenberg, CondVars idea and implementation, documentation improvements and a lot of other ideas, he also helped with the lwIP port (he is one of the developers of that project too).
  • Leszek Bednarz, H8S and ColdFire ports and drivers maintainer, bug fixes.
  • Liam Staskawicz, Posix simulator, AT91SAM7x and STM32 related contributions, general improvements, many bug fixes and excellent suggestions.
  • Michael Fischer, because the work on YAGARTO and the excellent feedback. He is also maintains the AVR32 and NiosII ports.
  • Uladzimir Pylinsky aka barthess, huge contributor of STM32-related code and drivers.
  • Vladimir, first tested and fixed the AVR port, I don't know the surname but he has been the first contributor.
  • Walter Goossens, several fixes to the LPC21xx support.
  • Xo Wang, STM32 ICU driver improvements.

I beg pardon if someone is missing, probably I forgot several names and it is hard for me map nicknames used in the old forum, nicknames used in the new forum and real names. Please just PM me if you want to be included or removed from the above list.

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