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 === Breakpoints === === Breakpoints ===
-This guide should follow soon™+== Set == 
 +To set a break point, you use the following syntax: **break <file>.c:<linenumber>**. In this example, we do set a breakpoint at line 238 in our file main.c. Please note that the system halts BEFORE the given line gets exacuted: 
 +(gdb) break main.c:238 
 +You can now run your code by typing **run**. As soon as your program reaches the first break point, it will halt and the GDB console pops up (the (gdb) thing). 
 +== Delete == 
 +To delete a break point, you need to know it's ID. You can get a list of the currently set break points by typing the command **info break**. You can then delete a breakpoint by using the command **delete <ID>**.
 === Step through code === === Step through code ===
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