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Commercial Licensing Options

ChibiOS/RT is available under several commercial licensing options.

Common Features

All the available licensing options share a common set of features:

  • Six months free support.
  • 12 months support extensions (must be contiguous in time).
  • Free major version upgrade in the first three months should a newer version be released within that time frame.
  • Code upgradeable to newer versions.
  • Source code available.

Specific Features

The various licensing options have some specific attributes:

  • Object or Source options.
  • Royalty Free or Small Volumes options.
  • Developer or Site licensing options.
  • Standard or Priority support options.
  • Component, Package or Global licensing options.
    • A Component license is a license for a specific ChibiOS/RT component, for example the Kernel or the Cortex-M3 port. Components can be freely assembled so if you need to add the ARM7 port you don't have to buy the kernel again.
    • Packages are sets of components, for example the STM32 package includes the Kernel, the Cortex-M3 port and all the STM32 specific device drivers. Packages are offered at a discounted price compared to the sum of the single components.
    • Global licenses simply include everything is present in the GPL version. You simply license a whole stable branch of the GPL product. The price is kept down by the Standard support associated to this license.

Please refer to the “Licensing Summary” document for an introduction to the various options, the EULA documents detail the various commercial licensing options.


ChibiOS/RT is being offered at very competitive prices starting at just 200€ for a SVOGL100 license. Please refer to the “prices” document for details, feel free to contact us for more info or assistance with licensing.


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