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   * Code upgradeable to newer versions.   * Code upgradeable to newer versions.
   * Source code available.   * Source code available.
-===== Specific Features ===== 
-The various licensing options have some specific attributes: 
-  * **Object** or **Source** options. 
-  * **Royalty Free** or **Small Volumes** options. 
-  * **Developer** or **Site** licensing options. 
-  * **Standard** or **Priority** support options. 
-  * **Component**, **Package** or **Global** licensing options. 
-    * A Component license is a license for a specific ChibiOS/RT component, for example the Kernel or the Cortex-M3 port. Components can be freely assembled so if you need to add the ARM7 port you don't have to buy the kernel again. 
-    * Packages are sets of components, for example the STM32 package includes the Kernel, the Cortex-M3 port and all the STM32 specific device drivers. Packages are offered at a discounted price compared to the sum of the single components. 
-    * Global licenses simply include everything is present in the GPL version. You simply license a whole stable branch of the GPL product. The price is kept down by the Standard support associated to this license. 
-Please refer to the "Licensing Summary" document for an introduction to the various options, the EULA documents detail the various commercial licensing options. 
-===== Pricing ===== 
-ChibiOS/RT is being offered at very competitive prices starting at just 200€ for a SVOGL100 license. Please refer to the "prices" document for details, feel free to [[chibios:contacts|contact us]] for more info or assistance with licensing. 
 ===== Documents ===== ===== Documents =====
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